About Us

Experince_logoToday, it is no secret to anyone the importance of having an online presence. And if you are selling any products or services, it is imperative to have an e-Commerce site to sell your products and services. Moreover, today no two people argue that the statement “If you build it, they will come” is completely false. E-Commerce is like any business that needs hard and continuous work and it needs the right tools, technology and people to nourish it to success and prosperity.

We have over 15 years experince in the online/eCommerce domain. Since 1999, we have been helping other friends, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in establishing their professional online presence.

If you have one of those questions and concerns, then this is where I come in to assist you.

  • I want to start my online business. I need guidance and help. How do I start?
  • I have a brick and mortar store. Is eCommerce for me? Why and how to start?
  • How can I make my online business more successful and more e-Profitable?
  • How can I grow my e-commerce business to the next level?
  • How should my e-commerce business work with my other channels (stores, catalog, wholesale)?
  • How should my e-commerce team be structured? Hiring or outsourcing?
  • What about mobile and social media?
  • Database, Java, PHP, HTML, shopping cart, security, SSL, SEO…I don’t understand this technical language. I need help!

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